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1. Select '+ Register Now' next to your subject program.

2. You will be prompted to create an account. 

     (If you already have an account, please proceed to login and navigate to step 4, found below.)


3. Open your email to verify your email address. Once verified you will be directed back to the registration page.

4. Select ‘Register Myself’.

5. Register as “Volunteer or Team Staff”.

6. Complete your Profile information as prompted.


7. Select View Divisions >> Select your program >>  View Opportunities.

8. Select your program >>  View Selected Opportunities

8. Select >> Sign up *Your name*


9. Input your team name, then continue in the bottom right corner. 

10. You will be prompted to provide additional information, followed by payment (if applicable).

11. Congratulations! Your team is registered! 

11. On the confirmation page, select “Manage Invites” to navigate to your Team Page.

12. From your team page, you can obtain your team code to pass to the players on your team and/or email the players on your team. 

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